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Our story

All Phase Communication inc. was founded in 2008 by Jeannine Hemsley to deliver a consultative approach to how customers purchase technology services.  As an industry veteran of over 26 years, she has served in a number of consulting, sales and executive roles with various technology/telecom providers before establishing All Phase Communications inc. Conceived as an organization focused on long term relationships with its customers, All Phases has achieved steady growth through its value-focused, personalized approach in achieving customer objectives’ All Phase continues to be an outsourced technology advocate to thousands of businesses nationwide. With access to hundreds of providers and a staff of industry experts, we can help find you the best services to fit your company’s every need.

What is a Telecom Consultant?

We can’t tell you how many times companies tell us we’re all set. To find out later that they were not set up correctly at all, and the pricing and taxes are inflated! Trust us with over thirty years of experience, we know where all the loop holes are and what inflated charges look like. Evaluation is our questioning and discovery stage which provides the methodology to deliver into your business strategies, reviewing your current infrastructure, strengths, current expenditures, weaknesses, and desired outcomes. Our consultative approach extends the opportunity to decrease your costs in which we will:

Why a Telecom Consultant from All Phase communications beats buying direct?

When you work directly with service providers, they will be happy to outfit your business with a full suite of services from their company. However, there is pressure from these sales reps to meet sales quotas and push products that may or may not be in the best interests of the customers. As your Telecom consultants , All Phase Communications. Inc. We have access to hundreds of providers and have zero sales quotas to meet. We work with you to find the best technology solutions at the best possible prices to save you time and money. We also can truly become an extension to your business, serving as your single point of contact on all things related to your technology services. While sales reps at carriers come and go, All Phase Communications. Inc.  will understand your business and be your trusted, ongoing advisor as your business grows and your service needs evolve. All of that, at little or no cost to you. 

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Our services

Inventory and Asset Management

All Phase  Inventory and Asset Management services are designed to manage all Telco and IT assets and infrastructures by establishing and maintaining a single inventory database of network services derived from billing

Telecom Auditing

Auditing your telecom expenses is the first step to understanding how to control your company’s communications costs. According to analysts, 85% of the telecom invoices customers receive from vendors have billing errors, costing organizations up to 38% of their annual telecom expenses in inflated costs. All Phase Communications inc.can help you better understand your communication costs by analyzing your current invoices 

Telecom Expense Management

If your company is embarking on new Telecom Expense Management initiatives, consider using the professional consulting services available through Communications Deployment Partners.

Invoice Processing and Management

Proper invoice processing is a critical challenge for many companies today. Consider what this margin of error could mean for your corporation.

Mobility Management

The mobility landscape can be confusing, time-consuming and unnecessarily expensive for managers who don’t speak the telecom language or have the time to keep current on all of the available pricing and usage plans.

Our Partners

What Can All Phase Do For You?

We handle the things that take up too much of you and your team's time; clarifying project scopes, creating bid specifications, meeting and vetting potential vendors, soliciting bids, comparing options, negotiating best terms, and project-manage your solution implementations.

Most of our services are FREE to you. We're compensated by the service providers for placing orders. You still get the same pricing and promotions the providers offer directly, but you benefit from our extensive experience and customer advocacy.

We provide a project manager to coordinate any and all required activities between you, and the provider stakeholders.  That means less work for you and better implementation.

Since 2008, we have worked with business customers to identify and meet their technology objectives. Our staff has over 60 years of experience and can help you navigate the potential downfalls that are hiding in most technology projects.

We provide you with access to a comprehensive source of products and services from more than 200 providers nationwide and globally. Our goal is to help you find the best solutions for your business and be a resource to you beyond the sale.

Our Formula For Your Success

Success in any technology project starts with clear goals and an articulated mission. We work with you and your team to define the project objectives before we bring in any potential vendors.


We make sure that the vendors who are invited to offer proposals for your project can meet or exceed your objectives and have a reputation we can stand behind.

We guide you through the vendor qualification and proposal process to make sure all your questions get answered, that the solutions the vendors propose are viable, and that they have demonstrated their capabilities with referenceable, satisfied clients.

We bring decades of consultative analysis and negotiating techniques to bear on your behalf when it's time to sign a vendor agreement.

Signing up for a new technology solution is just the first step. Making sure it gets installed, and that you receive what you were sold, is just as vital as making the decision in the first place

Does the bill match the quote? We provide a bill audit post-implementation to assure you’re being billed correctly and to confirm any removed services have ceased billing.

Sometimes, you just need a backup when something goes wrong with a vendor service, We're your advocate and escalation point, on-call to resolve service, technical, or billing issues