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Voice Services

Telecom Services

From Internet Access to Voice Services to wide area networks

As most business operating expenses are increasing, our most favored status with vendors enable us to reduce your monthly spend on average 10 to 40%. Fast reliable voice and data networks mean higher productivity for your employees and better customer service.

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What is it?

With over 200 carriers in our portfolio and 25 years of experience in building data and voice networks, Allphase presents customers multiple access options. This allows us to customize network solutions to meet your requirements and budget. We are agnostic to carriers, which means that you will always get the best solution for your needs. We let the carriers compete for your business, which benefits you as a customer.


What is it?

The benefit of using All phase as a “trusted advisor” versus dealing with any carrier directly is that we give you multiple options and negotiate the best possible rates on your behalf. We are in constant communication with the carriers regarding their service offerings and promotions and we understand how we can get the best possible rates for our customers. Most of the time our rates are better than you would get from a carrier directly. The best part is we find the provider that’s closest to you so your service will be 99.999% up time.


Our solutions include Fiber, Ethernet, Broadband, Fixed Wireless, 4G/LTE, and more. We carefully analyze each customer location utilizing a proprietary fiber locator and other geographic locator tools to determine all available options, including dedicated and shared fiber, broadband, fixed wireless and also 4G/LTE. We also take into consideration what applications are connected and whether you are building DIA, SD-WAN, MPLS, or Point-to-Point connections. Our access options consider your requirements for circuit speed, latency, and SLA levels as well as your budget.

One of our strongest skills is to design redundant access options for multilocation data networks. From SD-WAN to DIA to MPLS, our engineers specialize in designing eliminating single points of failure from networks combined with managed equipment (such as a managed router or firewall). This approach is the key to network redundancy, resiliency and maximum uptime. We can combine terrestrial circuits with fixed wireless options, consider multiple entry points to buildings, Central Office and loop diversity to ensure the best possible network reliability.

From Hosted PBX to UCaaS to Contact Center and SIP solutions, we utilize the best-in-class voice provider solutions in the industry. From simple office voice setups to complex Call Center functionality we have the right solution for your business. We have extensive experience with building complex voice systems, migrating users from premises-based systems to cloud-based hosted solutions, integrating voice network with major customer applications, such as Salesforce, Teams, Netsuite / ZoHO and  others.


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